March 24, 2009

Namaste Bags in Eggplant!

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Coming to The Local Needle soon!

Preorder HERE!


March 11, 2009

They’re Here! Ty-Dy Socks!

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The Local Needle now presents…..

Ty-Dy Socks…from Knit One Crochet Too!

Ty-Dy Socks

Ty-Dy Socks

All nine colors, including 3 new ones; Panama, Butter Blue and Grapes:
ty-dy socks new

ty-dy socks new

October 10, 2008

Sock The Vote!

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Feel like stomping on the opposing candidate? 

Or…Want to show your support for your candidate? 




Schaefer Yarns has long been naming their colorways after memorable women and has designed these new colorways just in time for you to show your support in the upcoming election. 

Feel like stomping on Hillary?  or don’t like the way Sarah has raised her family?  Ease your mind and your mouth and let your feet do the work!

Or, you can show your support for a particular candidate?  Wear them proudly on your feet as you stride to the election booth!

Introducing Schaefer Yarn’s popular Anne Sock Yarn now available in these new colorways…available at The Local Needle, here’s the link

Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin

Hillary Clinton


And last but not least,

Cindy McCain

 These colors will be dyed by Schaefer Yarns only until Election Day 2008 (11/4/08) so get them while they are here!  They will be available at The Local Needle very soon – just waiting on the freight industry to deliver them to our door!!  You are more than welcome to email joan at localneedle dot com to reserve a skein!

October 3, 2008

1 Year Anniversary Celebration! – 1

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On Saturday September 27th The Local Needle had a grand celebration!  We have been one year at our current location (and took lots of pictures – thank you Carol)!

First up,..Hanne Falkenberg trunk show!

We are very excited about carrying the kits for these classics, you can find them online at the shop here!

1 Year Anniversary Celebration! – 2

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 On Saturday September 27th The Local Needle had a grand celebration…cont’d.

Next up….we had a Jojoland trunk show.  Melody, Harmony and Rhythm were flying off the shelf!  Everyone loves this slow-striping yarn.

We are still adding yarn and patterns to our site, but we do have available the every-popular Swirl Shawl


1 Year Anniversary Celebration! – 3

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  On Saturday September 27th The Local Needle had a grand celebration…cont’d.

Next…we had our first Yarn Tasting!  Customers were able to samples some of our new Fall yarns, like Classic Elite’s Portland Tweed and Moorland, Alpaca With a Twist Temptation, Zaol Angora and more (all of which are available for sale from our website). 

For our grand table setting Jeff was grateful enough to spread his first crochet-design on the table.  It is exquisite and he promises a pattern soon!

Please note the beautiful orchid, just one of several that Kaycee loaned us for the day.  Another way of making the day special.  Funny, I didn’t notice it the day of, just too busy I guess however, the stole on the table is a perfect match to the orchid!

September 11, 2008

Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Arrive!

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This is the box that was delivered the other day.  The outside markings give a clue as to what is inside.

Each year when we attend the TNNA show (June, Columbus), we always enjoy seeing the display of new items.  TNNA sets aside an area outside of the show for browsing only those items that are new.  The manufacturers/distributors get quite creative in displaying their new products.

This year on the end of the table, not really displayed in any special way…was a skein of yarn.  As I reached for it and lifted it from the table, I heard several loud “wows” and ‘”look at that”.   The next thing I new there was a small crowd gathered just looking at what I was holding. 

Hand Painted Knitting Yarns (HPKY) has tied several skeins together and hand painted them as one, creating a beautiful jumbo skein of yarn in gorgeous colors and texture. 

The yarns are different content and texture, giving you results such as this…found in Knit In Style magazine.

The Giant Skeins as they call them come in different sizes., 20 oz, 16 oz, and 10 oz.  The shawl is made from a 16 oz skein kit, which contains a 3.5 oz additional skein for the edging of the shawl.  The jacket that we saw at the HPKY booth was just outstanding and it is made from one 20 oz. skein.

The pictures just don’t do it justice.  Here is a close up of all those yummy fibers…

Another feature; Handpainted Knitting Yarn adds your company name to the label, a nice personal touch.

Each giant skein is made of 12 individual skeins.  The 20 oz. is a total of 120 yards of each of the twelve, for a grand total of 1440 yards of yarn.  The 16 oz.  has 95 yards of each for a grand total of 1140 yards of yarn.  Both sizes are now available at The Local Needle.

April 18, 2008

Jojoland at The Local Needle

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We just received in everything you might need to make this: 

Which is Jojoland’s Swirl Shawl.  You can find the pattern (Swirl Shawl) and the yarn (Melody) at

Jojoland yarns are “long”-striping where one color fades into the next, making a really unique garment.

We currently have Melody, which is a superwash wool perfect for the shawl pictured here, or for socks.

And then we have Harmony, which is Jojoland’s lace-weight or cobweb yarn. 

Which you can use for something like this: 

March 11, 2008

Lacey Lamb at The Local Needle

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We have had this yarn for a month or so  now, but I have never “introduced” it here on the blog.  So…blogging community, here is Lacey Lamb, Lacey Lamb…blogging community.  For those that love to knit lace, Lacey Lamb is an absolute wonderful yarn to use. 


It’s 100% extrafine lambswool, 825 yds per ball and believe it or not, machine washable…lace? 

Lacey Lamb was featured several times in the very popular lace knitting book, Victorian Lace Today.

When people are in that corner of the shop, it reminds me of that old Charmin toiletpaper commercial…”stop  squeezing the Charmin Lacey Lamb”.

We have already sold a lot of what you see here, but we have more on the way!  If we don’t have the color you want, we’re more than happy to order it for you.

January 17, 2008

OMG – Has it been that long?

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I can’t believe it has been so long since my last blog entry.  I often feel like that magician on “Frosty The Snowman” that is trying to steal Frosty’s hat.  He runs around yelling “Busy, busy, busy!”.

We’ve had so much come in the door this last month…

Classic Elite:  Wool Bam Boo, Alpaca Sox, Lush  and Twinkle Soft Chunky – all have been posted to our “click and mortar“.wwoll-bam-boo.jpgalpaca-sox.jpglush.jpg


Schaefer Yarns –  Elaine, Kathleen, and Sandra (which is the one shown below). 


The Elaine and Kathleen are no-names , or as I prefer to call them, “one-of-a-kinds” (the colorways are not offered by Schaefer for ordering).  Sandra is a cotton/rayon blend and is shown above in colorways: Frida Kahlo, Isabella of Castille and Empress Wu Zhao.

For the alpaca lover:

 Alpaca With A Twist – my shelves runneth over!  Highlander on the left, Jumbo Baby Twist on the right.  Fino, who resides in the upperclass lace-weight area of the shop, is also in great abundance.


and more underneath the shipping table.


We also have yarns from Crystal Springs Alpacas, based in Zephyrhills, Florida.  All natural colors and like no other.


Pagewood Farms– this sock yarn is a hot seller! We carry 100% superwash, 80/20 superwash/nylon, and 70/20/10 superwash/bamboo/nylon.


We’ve also received in Jade Sapphire Cashmere/silk 2 ply as well as Lacey Lamb

Oh, and more sizes of HiyaHiya bamboo circulars, although the sizes over US 10 have not yet arrived.

Patterns, patterns, patterns…mostly lace patterns – my personal passion.


And if it’s not been coming in…it’s been going out… 

Getting started on the day's shipping  

So that sums up the product activity at the store.  Coming up in the next day or so….OMG – part 2: catchup on life at The Local.

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