April 27, 2010

Sweetness, Cotton Tails and Pinafores

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There are so many sweet things in the world. 

Sweet to the taste… sweet on the eyes… sweet as in nice… and, sweet because that was how they were made.

I could just eat this little one up…she’s not only as sweet as they come, but a real treasure to us all.

Here’s Rae modeling one of Jill Eaton’s new designs, the Pinafore Dress.  She looks a little like the model, wouldn’t you say?

This was a very simple knit, made from Jill Eaton’s new yarn, CottonTail.  CottonTail is 100% cotton and completely washable and dryable.  This dress has already been washed and dried in the dryer!

The pattern called for size US 8 needles.  However, even for someone that knits a little on the tight side, this was way too lose.  I moved down to a 7 and fabric looked better and I was then slightly under gauge, close enough though. 

I added a little extra with buttons I found at Stitches South. 

Jill Eaton’s CottonTail yarn and Pinafore Dress pattern can both be found at The Local Needle yarn shop.



June 11, 2008

Not Your Typical ‘Return From TNNA’ Blog Entry

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After several days in Columbus looking at all kinds of new yarns and products… becoming mind boggling after two days, to the point that I could not think any more after three days, this is what I couldn’t wait to return home to:


Raeleigh Jade, born 6/15/08, my first grandchild and she is so precious.  She was a chunker, 9lb 7oz and only 19 3/4 inches long.  This next picture was taken when she was just a few hours old.  She looks like a little Sumo wrestler!

 Somehow, she has managed to captivate my heart.

The blanket she is wearing was made with much anticipation and wonder.  Wonder for what little person will she be, and become.

The blanket pattern was a combination of a stitch from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary and Nikki Epstein’s Knitting On The Edge.  It took not quite 3 skeins of Louet Euroflax Linen in Sport – Pure White.

Based on what I had read in the past, I almost anticipated rope burns from working with linen, but it was not difficult to work with at all.  It wasn’t too stiff to begin with and it softens as you go.  I love the yarn and now can wash and dry the blanket.  A little touch up with an iron and it’s good to go. 

November 29, 2007

FO – Urban Vest using HempWol

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Just a quick entry to document a finished object…

 The Urban Vest by Norah Gaughan, Knitter’s Magazine – Fall 2007.


Yarn:  hemp for knitting – hempwol at The Local Needle.  65% Italian Wool and 35% hemp, 250 yards/skein; worsted weight; Retails for $12.00. 

I made a large and used not quite 3 skeins.

Started it in October and finished it yesterday.




July 19, 2007

Like Harry Potter…my Mystery Stole 3 Apparates

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It’s been over two weeks since my last blog entry…..let me tell you why!

A week or so ago, I was getting ready to take some pictures of my Mystery Stole 3 project, but I couldn’t find it.  I had completed clue 2 and thought I would post my progress prior to starting on clue 3. 

For an entire week, I searched for my knitting. I looked in the shop, upstairs in the bedroom, then down again in the family room.  I have hunted everywhere and back-tracked my footsteps trying to remember where I had it last.  No luck!

A few days later,  I finally find it and I’m Stupified!  Something has happened to it! It’s only half the size that it used to be!  After close examination, I come to the conclusion that it appears to be worked only through clue 1.  How could that have happened??  I didn’t drop a stitch, have the wrong number of stitches, forget a yarn over or find a mistake where I had to frog it back 76 2 rows.  Now I’ll never catch up!

Well…I quickly exhaled a muggle-repelling charm, slammed the door and laid my knitting in the chair.  I sat back in my own chair… tried to think of happy thoughts and contemplate my problem.  The phone began to ring and as I reached for it I called out “Reparo”!  Without hesitation the knitting charm was invoked and the needles began clacking away. 

Now being the Girl Scout leader that I am…honest and fair, I did disarm the spell after clue 2, I do not want to cheat.  I reasoned that since I had knitted clue 2 once already and it was some Time Turner spell that had frogged it back to where I was several days ago, that it was only fair to use another charm to get it to a state where it’s ready for clue 3.

So, hear you have it.  I’m using Alpaca With A Twist Fino in Champagne.  Inox Straights size 4 and Size 8/0 seed beads in Egg Shell from the Bead Wrangler.


And a closer look…


Off to start clue 3!

June 26, 2007

Lace knitting – Loden Mist & Mistery Stole 3

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I think I have found my particular knitting passion.  Some enjoy sock knitting and others will make sweater after sweater…I seem to lean towards lace knitting.  I can’t decide if the finished product is what draws me, or the intricate patterns that keep my mind busy and interested. 

I cast on for LodenMist on 5/5, but then had to put it away for a few weeks.  I’ve since picked it up and progress is good.  I’m 2/3rd’s done with the left front and hope to cast on for the sleeves next week.    I couldn’t resist blocking the back. 


I’m using a different yarn than what the pattern calls for, so I had my doubts as to whether it would stretch to size.  It came out real close.  I’m using Louet Kidlin and the color is Woodland. 


I just love the halo affect that the mohair gives it, which is hard to see in this picture.

In other lace knitting news, I’ve made two swatches for my Mystery Stole 3 project.   Something I found ironic…here I’ve been working on Loden Mist for a month or so and found the pattern to the mystery stole swatch to be the exact same lace pattern. It made for a quick and easy swatch.


Both swatches were made with Alpaca With A Twist Fino in Champagne.  70 % baby alpaca, 30% silk.  In the top swatch –  I used the recommended needle size which is 4.   I almost always have to go up a needle size to get gauge, which is what I did for the bottom swatch.  The top one is more to my liking though and should make close to a 18 inch stole. 


If you look REAL HARD, you’ll see my one little bead that I tested for color.  It looked pretty in the store when comparing yarn to bead, but when I placed it on the yarn, I  didn’t like it.  It made me think of something that is old and has yellowed with age.   Not to say that there aren’t some very pretty things that yellow nicely with age.

Anyway, I ordered 2 other colors and I like the one on the top the best (my lighting is not all that good today).  It seems to emulate the same thing that the yarn does – silk and softness.


I am now set with yarn, beads, needles (INOX) and size 13 crochet hook for bead application.  Now…I just wait until Friday, when the first pattern clue is given.

May 9, 2007

Cast on for Loden Mist

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I cast on for Knitter’s Spring 07 Loden Mist on Saturday (5/5/07).   


I’m using Louet Kidlin (in Woodland) which consists of one strand of kid mohair and one strand of linen. 


At first I hesitated using this yarn because the linen is much lighter in shade than the mohair, (which is not always the case with this yarn).  I have found that from a distance the garment has the color of the darker mohair and yet up close, the lighter shade of linen brings notice to the stitch pattern. 


This yarn knits to a bit different guage than what the pattern calls for, so I went down a needle size to a US 6 and I cast on for a small, to make a med/large.  According to calculations,  it should be right on the money.


It will not be as light and ‘frothy’ as the description reads, due to the linen content, but I’m hoping will still be very pretty.  Like most lace projects, the beauty is in the blocking.

May 1, 2007

Vera BRATley – Knitted Amigurumi

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This all began when I was doing a little tag surfing and checking out some knitting blogs.  I ran across ‘ All in A Days…‘ and discovered two tutorials on knitted Amigurumi.  I found it interesting and thought it might be something a knitter could have some fun with.  So I decided as soon as I was done with my current project, I’d use up a little scrap yarn and try my hand at knitted amigurumi. 

At the same time….and you will begin to see how scary the human mind can be….my daughter was participating in a old Spanish reenactment in St. Augustine (The Nation’s Oldest City).  The last day of the event, we planned on walking the cobblestone streets and browsing our way through some of the quaint and unique shops.  One of the those quaint little shops was a Vera Bradley boutique. 

If any of you have a teenage daughter, you can probably understand how this discovery could weasel it’s way into that section of the brain that also screams “chocolate”!   …and that clever salesperson behind the counter probably already knew the workings of a teenager when she announced a trunk sale in 2 weeks.  Needless to say, daughter wanted to attend the trunk show in the worse way. 

 While she’s doing odd jobs around the house (to spend at the trunk show), I cast on for Kumochan, and while shaping it’s head, can’t help but wonder what I will name her/him.  

Here’s the brain on yarn…..I dreamt that night, that daughter wanted more than just one bag at the trunk show, ….she was wildly flailing her eight arms and was telling me “But everyone else carries eight bags!” 


Meet Vera BRATley.


April 22, 2007

Lace Bookmark

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I knitted this is for a fine lady who always takes the time to say hello with a warm smile, even after being diagnosed with life threatening health issues.


She’s just a kind lady, a friend… and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her. 

This Lace N’ More sample pattern was designed by Nazee Fard.  I recently ran across a forum post mentioning a subscription to a downloadable newsletter containing lace patterns and it peaked my interest. 

On another note, I’m currently reading “Zen And The Art of Knitting” by Bernadette Murphy.  I am not halfway through yet, but have found reading this book to be as relaxing as a good knit.  To quote a person in the book regarding knitting for others….’she thinks of that person continually throughout the project and knows that “there is an intangible quality to the finished garment that the person will somehow feel”‘.  The book is full of words that provoke thought and at the same time, provide comfort.

April 11, 2007

Clementine Shawlette, Final

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Clementine Shawlette (Interweave Knits Spring 07) started March 21 and finished April 9, 07, modeled by my daughter Leslie.


I used 2 skeins Louet Gems Pearl (fingering weight) in Cloud Grey and size 5 INOX straights

I had approximately a yard of yarn left and the shawl blocked to the exact measurements indicated in the pattern. 

The 4 row repeat was easy to memorize and became a good movie watching knit.  This pattern is perfect for a beginner’s lace project since there are no stitch repeats within the rows.   It’s a fairly quick knit, is made in 2 pieces then seamed together. 


I COULD have finished it in time to wear to church on Easter, but the below normal temperatures…even in NE FLorida….of 38 degrees….. did not motivate me enough. 

Needless to say, I finished it the day after and it will keep many a church chill away this summer.

March 27, 2007

Clementine Shawlette update

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It’s coming along.  The 21st was my cast on and I finished the 1st half on Sunday evening.  I was eager to block it because I wasn’t sure it would block to the size in the pattern.  It came out perfect and blocked to the exact size called for.    I used Louet Gems Fingering (Pearl)  and a US 5 needle (I’m a tight knitter) and had about a yard and half left.  

 The Cloud Grey looks like a very light shade of lavender when placed with navy or another blue.


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