For  over 15 years I’ve worked for a computer company testing software and writing documention.  For several reasons (some ehem…will go unsaid), I decided it was time for a change.    I am a knitter who loves nature and the outdoors, and in mixing two skills (computers and knitting)…decided to open a yarn shop, The Local Needle, Inc.  We sell locally and online.    I’m still trying to figure out how the nature part is supposed to work into the scheme of things. 



  1. Monica Silva said,


    I love the outdoors too. Two years ago, I’d go hiking every week with the Sierra Club in Griffith Park, CA. After a year of hiking every week, I looked for other outdoor activities.

    I liked the blue scarf you knit for your International Scarf Exchange pal.

    Happy knitting,
    Monica Silva

  2. For some reason, knitting and the outdoors do compliment each other. And it’s not just due to the fact that you might make something to keep you warm.

    Colors are more vivid, and are very often inspired by the outdoors.
    The warmth of the wool laying across your lap on a brisk afternoon.

    And let’s not forget the birds singing, and the fish and frogs jumping.
    Thanks Monica!

  3. Leslie48 said,

    We were over in Macclenny on Tuesday to have lunch with my brother, Bob, and stopped by your shop. (If I had read your blog first, I would have known to wait till Wednesday!). We did get a peek at some of your beautiful yarns etc through the window–gorgeous. I’m sure we’ll be over again, (Bob lives there–he writes for the Press and is a teacher and the theater director for BHS).

    Your knitted projects are just gorgeous. I’m kind of a novice at knitting–mostly simple dishclothes etc–although I am trying out the Gator Scarf that is so popular. I do a lot more with crochet, and have been doing that for years.

    Maybe next lunch visit with the Brother we can visit your shop.

    Leslie Hay
    Wellborn Fl

  4. GlenysAnne said,

    I adore the shelf scarf made by Jeff.
    How can I get the pattern?

    • Help me understand which pattern you are interested in, which blog post is it displayed in?

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