November 11, 2009

FO – #5 Shawl of Cables, Vogue Knitting Fall 2009

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I enjoyed making this.  It was enough to keep my mind occupied, yet relaxing enough to watch the World Series and my favorite… Masterpiece Theatre.

I found a few things to note since the last blog post.  First, if you do not have the exact stitch count when entering into the instructions for row 57, you may get confused.  So I have listed the stitch counts that you should have after completing row 56.  If you lay the shawl on a table and looked at the RS facing you, you should see the following stitch counts:

11 sts, c-8, 23 sts, c-8, 23 sts, c-8, 9 sts, MARKER, 8 sts, c-8, 8 sts, MARKER, 9 sts, c-8, 23 sts, c-8, 23 sts, c-8, 11 sts. (c-8 means it’s a cable and it has 8 sts).

And a reminder; Do not forget to do the increases that are “usually” only done to the center panel.  When you get to row 92, the increases should be done for each set of cable stitches, and the same goes for row 106 and 114.  Ask me how I know this!  I kept humming away and ended up having to frog a good 6″ because I didn’t have extra stitches when I needed them.

Here is our version of the magazine shoot!

I want to thank everyone that has participated in the KAL!  If you’re still working on it, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Joan, The Local Needle



  1. Carolyn O'Donal said,

    Carolyns Shawl of Cables Finished mine today; worked all tails in and blocked. Wore it for the first time to the local knitting group tonight.

    ETA: picture

  2. Emilee said,

    Ooh it looks so cozy!

  3. Melody said,

    Joan your SoC is stunning – I am so happy you finished it in time for the fall/winter layering season in Florida. I am sorry I have had to drop mine for a while – hope to get back to it soon and pick your brain again another time. Cheers and congratulations on an excellent job leading this SAL.

    Thanks Melody

  4. appliejuice said,

    They’re beautiful. Almost makes me want to take up knitting. lol

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