October 3, 2009

Shawl of Cables – Post 4

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Greetings from the land of cables! 

I hope everyone is moving right along and has now settled into the rhythm of this shawl.  I have found it to be a very relaxing knit, yet there’s enough cabling going on to keep the doldrums away. 

I just love this color of Highlander and I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to work with!

There are several things that must be worked every row and sometimes it is difficult to remember them all, so I thought it would be a good idea to display them in a chart.  It might help those that work better from a visual, versus written instructions. 


Since the chart does not display here in it’s entirety, I’ve provided a link to the same chart on Flickr.

 While working along, I found I wasn’t really paying attention to the number of stitches between cables.  For example, the reverse stockinette stitches on both sides of the cable on the right panel, should match up and have the same count as the reverse stockinette stitches on both sides of the cable that is on the left panel.  Should is the key word here. 

I highly recommend that you check this on occasion and most important, before you start the next set of written instructions that introduce the lower cables.  If you look really close at mine, you might find a couple of m1-p’s and k2tog to get the stitches back in sync.

My favorite teacher once told me…”it doesn’t have be perfect, it just needs to look perfect!”



  1. Melody said,

    Hi Joan – your SoC is looking fantastic – I’m afraid I am going to need remedial and possibly have to frog some of my rows – You answered my question about the number of rev st stitches needing to match in the outer panels with the center panel (sigh) – thanks for your support- Melody

  2. Well…I too frogged mine back to the introduction of the lower cables. I am now once again moving forward and close to starting on my 4th skein of yarn.

    I have the number of stitches that each panel should be prior to starting the written instructions that begin the lower cables. If the numbers do not match, the instructions become slightly confusing. I’ll post those in the next day or so.
    Hope everyone is moving along!

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