October 10, 2008

Sock The Vote!

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Feel like stomping on the opposing candidate? 

Or…Want to show your support for your candidate? 




Schaefer Yarns has long been naming their colorways after memorable women and has designed these new colorways just in time for you to show your support in the upcoming election. 

Feel like stomping on Hillary?  or don’t like the way Sarah has raised her family?  Ease your mind and your mouth and let your feet do the work!

Or, you can show your support for a particular candidate?  Wear them proudly on your feet as you stride to the election booth!

Introducing Schaefer Yarn’s popular Anne Sock Yarn now available in these new colorways…available at The Local Needle, here’s the link

Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin

Hillary Clinton


And last but not least,

Cindy McCain

 These colors will be dyed by Schaefer Yarns only until Election Day 2008 (11/4/08) so get them while they are here!  They will be available at The Local Needle very soon – just waiting on the freight industry to deliver them to our door!!  You are more than welcome to email joan at localneedle dot com to reserve a skein!


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