September 11, 2008

Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Arrive!

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This is the box that was delivered the other day.  The outside markings give a clue as to what is inside.

Each year when we attend the TNNA show (June, Columbus), we always enjoy seeing the display of new items.  TNNA sets aside an area outside of the show for browsing only those items that are new.  The manufacturers/distributors get quite creative in displaying their new products.

This year on the end of the table, not really displayed in any special way…was a skein of yarn.  As I reached for it and lifted it from the table, I heard several loud “wows” and ‘”look at that”.   The next thing I new there was a small crowd gathered just looking at what I was holding. 

Hand Painted Knitting Yarns (HPKY) has tied several skeins together and hand painted them as one, creating a beautiful jumbo skein of yarn in gorgeous colors and texture. 

The yarns are different content and texture, giving you results such as this…found in Knit In Style magazine.

The Giant Skeins as they call them come in different sizes., 20 oz, 16 oz, and 10 oz.  The shawl is made from a 16 oz skein kit, which contains a 3.5 oz additional skein for the edging of the shawl.  The jacket that we saw at the HPKY booth was just outstanding and it is made from one 20 oz. skein.

The pictures just don’t do it justice.  Here is a close up of all those yummy fibers…

Another feature; Handpainted Knitting Yarn adds your company name to the label, a nice personal touch.

Each giant skein is made of 12 individual skeins.  The 20 oz. is a total of 120 yards of each of the twelve, for a grand total of 1440 yards of yarn.  The 16 oz.  has 95 yards of each for a grand total of 1140 yards of yarn.  Both sizes are now available at The Local Needle.


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